You’re feeding sugar to your dog and you don’t know it. Find me on on on …


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  1. Barb Cole says:

    I wonder if your videos are useful to cats? I hope so, they are very informative especially to those of us who make our own cat food

  2. SophieBaiLei says:

    Thank you, thank you , thank you….Now that I know what to look for, maybe there is hope for my shih Tzu with yeasty paws.  I've just ordered Tiki Dog food which is suppose to be 0% carbs!  When I add as you instructed, the total is  less than 100.  I love your videos and Dr. Karen Becker is my favorite!  =)))

  3. My cat developed sugar diabetes on Royal Canin Obesity Management sachets for 12 months her weight kept increasing. I would never ever buy pet food products ever again!

  4. Fi Joy says:

    Guys I just want to say thank you for a great informative video! 👌🏼 I understand working out sugar contents in foods such as rice and pasta etc for humans but I have never known how to do it for my dogs. We have two dogs a female staff cross who I brought up on rice, chicken and carrots she has a lettuce reaction to red meats causing ear irritation. We now have a 4 month old male staff, we asked our friends who train dogs what the best diet is for him… they all advised kibble… so we headed to the store and picked up puppy pedigree 🙄 I didn't feel comfortable doing this I just felt like I was feeding him junk… sure enough my little man was sick 2/3 times per week so I knew I had to get him onto something more nutritional. I have started giving him half a carrot, between (dry weight) 30 / 40 grams white dog rice and 1 or 2 scrambled eggs per meal 3 times per day. After watching your video I'm a little worried that the amount of rice I'm giving him is too much. What do you guys suggest for a 4 month old staff pup who is active and weighs 10kg. I am keeping him keeping him in thisfor 1 week to flush out the bad stuff from the pedigree and then I will be giving him (if you think it's a good option) boiled strips of beef from butcher with rice carrots and spinach. Oh and fits milk 100ml 3 times per day. Is this ok? Is there anything lacking in this for my little man?
    P.s our female staff cross is now on vitalin original which is a grain based diet with bone marrow etc, have you heard of it and if so what are your thoughts.
    Keep making the informative videos guys we need more people like you pushing this subject so our pets can be healthier rather than making so called animal industries richer!

  5. Fi Joy says:

    Here Is what my girls food says Analytical constituentsCrude protein 18.0%Crude oils & fats 7.0%Crude fibres 3.0%Crude ash 6.5%
    I followed your graph add it up and minus 100 there is no indication of moisture value so I added all minus the crude fibre value. Would I be correct in saying that this food is made up of 68.5% ?
    If this is correct I amHorrified and shall be changing her diet immediately!

  6. what about Spot Farms dehydrated?

  7. that might be tru but pedegree has a lot of salt in its food and is the worst food you can give

  8. Debbie Heine says:

    Thank you, Rodney and Karen. Information like this reinforces the raw fed program I have in place for my dog. Happy Holidays!

  9. hallo can you please!!! make a video on a balanced food recipe for puppies, seniors, kittens and cats please.

  10. I worked at a Canadian dead stock company in high school during the late 90's. Aside from sugar, the 'meat' that is used in pet food is very disturbing. Animals that were euthanized were used for pet food as well as rotted meat filled with maggots and road kill. Commercial pet food is poison. Literally. It contains the trace amounts of the poison used to euthanize animals. The 2 biggest purchasers of pet food meat from the dead stock company were Nestle and Mars Inc.

  11. Video needs to provide what a good maximum carb percent is, otherwise these percentages are meaningless… For all we know 40% carb is perfectly fine and the margin above isn't significant.

  12. Throw out the kibble! It amazes me to see owners feeding their dogs and cats 100% dry food – how stingy and ignorant! Thanks for the upload, Rodney!

  13. pitbullpappa says:

    The best video on kibble information I've seen to date!!  Dr. Karen Becker is AWESOME and I'm grateful for all the information that she provides on youtube for free.  Keep up the great work Rodney…:)

  14. toxicozzy2k says:

    Cant find the moisture % on the bag we use? Im from the UK and the food we buy is "rspca super premium senior dry light dog food" if anyone could help it'd be much appreciated

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