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HOW TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR PUPPY EASILY | Potty Train your Puppy Siberian Husky


How to potty train your puppy fast and easy! Today we are going to show you how to successfully potty train your puppy! This is what works for us, and it may not …


Rescue Dogs – Tips and Advice


Tips, advice and rescue stories. I donate all money that is generated by my channel to dog shelters so the more you watch and share this video the more money …


Dog Training Tips – Supervision Is A Must


for FREE categorized Tutorials on Dog Training. Quick tip about leaving two dogs together with bones and how to avoid …


Not Coming When Called (Recall) – Dog Training Tips – dog training tutorial


Secrets To Dog Training – Visit Help the dog training revolution do more and get better access to me to help you with your dog …


Dog Training Tutorial: Building Eye Contact & Attention!


Teaching a dog to make eye contact is extremely useful with a variety of applications. It is a good habit to encourage especially in puppies who often have the …


Dog Training Tutorial- HOUSETRAINING


House-training is often the first thing most dogs need to learn as they become part of a new family. Since this is something I have been getting numerous …


Dog Training Tips- Don’t Let Your Dog Run Over To Other Dogs!


for FREE categorized Tutorials on Dog Training.

This is a huge pet peeve of not only mine, but many other dog owners out there.


Bathing A Dog – Tips to make giving your dog a bath EASIER


for FREE categorized Tutorials on Dog Training, articles on dog training and behaviour and more tips.

This video goes over how to properly bathe your dog, whether it’s a puppy or a dog who already hates getting a bath. This method involves reading your dog and giving them a choice in the matter.

For many years dogs have been forced into having a bath, because the owners didn’t know how else to get the dog to stay in the tub. With the techniques I show you in this video, you should be able to have a much less stressful experience, for dog and owner.


How to Train a Dog to Come When Called – Tips by K9-1 Dog Training.


Subscribe to get more How to Train your dog videos by K9-1 Specialized Dog Training. You can get further details on how to train your dog to come when called by going to our online dog training site located at This is part of the first phase out of three for teaching a dog to come on command. Thank you for your support!


Dog Training Tips: Come When Called!


A simple exercise to teach our dogs that environmental distractions are not a cue that it’s time to disconnect from us. The emphasis is on non-verbal communication and creating circumstances where the dog will be much more likely to come when they are called. Work on this one gradually and in conjunction with more ‘formal’ recalls around lesser distractions.






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