PUPPY TIPS- Resource Training (bones, kongs, toys)



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  1. winningspin says:

    Just wondering Kristin, what types of treats do you use for Luna and Mookie while clicker training?

  2. Kristin is possible to own a border collie in an apartment( I do nothing all day)????

  3. Lily Hoang says:

    Is that a bully stick that mookie is chewing on and what kind?

  4. What questions should i ask a border collie breeder?

  5. That puppy is already trained on possesive aggression. You gotta be much much more careful with the untrained puppy. And if you(the channel owner) wanna be more helpful for people you have to work with untrained dogs with real training, not the simulation of it. Because you already know that but first time dog owners don't, that puppy is gonna growl at you, try to snap your hand and be really aggressive when you try to take his/her bone, food or toy.

  6. Ashley Fenn says:

    Hey Kristin, just wanted to say that my husband and I watch your youtube videos religiously and they are always such a great help. You inspired us to get a border collie mix last year and because of all your great videos, he is such a joy to have and knows so many good tricks and is very obedient. We couldn't ask for better training tips for our pup and whenever people ask us who trained our dog, we say Kristin Crestejo :) We are excited to see your new videos with Mookie!

  7. John King says:

    Is this dog a Golden retriever black lab mix? What a pretty dog!

  8. Jaime S says:

    Will this technique also help with puppies that already show some resource guarding with their bones and some toys? 

  9. Alina v says:

    can you do a video on how to teach your dog to play fetch please and thank you!

  10. MC Robinson says:

    I can't figure out my dog. He's a 12 week old lab/beagle mix who I rescued a little over week ago. I've done all the training with him, spent hours combing fleas out of his coat, feed him, walk him, play with him and socialize him. He cries every time i leave the room and frantically tries to get to me but his tail never wags for me. He licks my family but when i come into a room he tries to bite me. He'll stare at me, whine then lunge for my face. he's honestly starting to scare me. but with all other dogs and humans he's great! his tails wagging and he licks everyone but no matter what his tail doesn't wag for me and he barely licks me. What's going on? 

    I'm taking him to obedience classes on the 29th i'm just afraid of him being aggressive. I had some very bad experiences with my dads dog cuz a family member used to tell him to "sig" me every time he saw me. He used to attack me frequently and viciously try and get me. I can't tell if i'm just being neurotic with my new pup or if he could have aggression toward me. 

  11. Hoping you make more videos soon!

  12. TheLammy82 says:

    I love your videos, it's hard to find a positive trainer near where I live – so I am relying on videos and common sense, ha.

  13. What is the best kind of treats to use on a young pup?

  14. Kristin, can you please make a video about stopping barking? I'm getting a breed that's known for making some noice so I want to focus on stopping it from day one. Also, I would love a video about how to train your dog to love cuddle :)

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