Pet Grooming for a Pomeranian starring Baa Baa


Step by step instructions for making your Pomeranian beautiful, but easier to maintain.


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  1. butchered them poor puppies look awful ….poms are never supposed to be cut like that their coats are what they are known for and the long coats ironically are made to keep them cool so sad made them look ugly …look so much better in normal full coat

  2. Lindas nails says:

    terrified me the was you kept poking those scissors near his face

  3. Ellie Bayles says:

    Please do your research before writing all these negative comments 😂 although they do make me laugh reading them

  4. Ужасно стрижен клочками !

  5. Hi Patty, great video, I am going to be a new owner of a pure white boy pomeranian with a jet black face next weekend and not entirely sure how old he is but still in the puppy stages? May I ask how soon do you begin to have your dog groomed and regularly seen to because I was going to have my dog seen initially to basically introduce a regular groomer who comes to the home here in the UK to do a thorough trim etc just like you do in the video? Also, I understand she cleans anal glands which I never knew existed to be fair? lol…..anyhow could you give me an idea how soon you introduce them to being groomed as I noticed the dog in the video the dog was so well behaved so obviously there is an age and temperament period which I will have to see just how the dog reacts to other people first? I'm so excited but kind of nervous because it's my first dog so I just wish to begin how I intend to go along and do things right for the dog? any advice? x x

  6. can i send my pom for grooming before he turns 1 year old?

  7. Lyn hana says:

    How old of this cute pomeranian?very behave

  8. Maybe next time you decide to make a video, about a living thing, an animal of any kind, you should be bit more careful, looks like you are handling a potato bag, as one of the people said in the earlier comments. If my pet would have been treated like that, I might have made you an offer to stay in his place, and me cutting your hair, the same you did with him.

  9. Tatis151 says:

    hola, podrías decir e que marca de tijeras usas?? se ven buenisimas

  10. Petsy App says:

    Awesome video! :) Would you like to share your petgrooming service on our Petsy App?

  11. Jennifer W says:

    Is there a video where I can see how to groom the chest area?

  12. Can you link the peanut video?

  13. Scoli O'Sys says:

    He is adorable! I'm trying to keep my two poms in shape in between grooms. My biggest issue is with my pom mix and keeping his bootie area trimmed and clean. He's a rescue (it was a really bad situation but I think he finally understands he's truly loved here) and absolutely hates when you get anywhere near his rear end he gets very upset to the point of trying to snap at my hand and crying (he's never EVER bit anyone by the way). Any hints on a sani cut? I really try to keep it brushed but with him being so sensitive it gets matted so easily and I feel like a horrible pet parent. Sorry for the long comment and give Baa Baa some loves from me!

  14. rahav ivgi says:

    Love this video and the way you treat your dog but you need to be more gentle with him(:

  15. lenabobena says:

    I really want a groomer like you for my poms. No one where I live give cute haircuts for poms :(

  16. Your handling is unsubtle, harsh, loveless. Learn to listen to your heart. Would you be happy if someone would handle you like you handle the dog? Or would you be sad?

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