Crate Training Tips for Dog Training

Avoid forcing a dog to go into a crate. If he needs to be confined while you are way before you can try any of these tips, most dogs better tolerate a wire exercise … source


Dog Health Treatment & Advice : When Will My Pregnant Dog Go Into Labor?

A pregnant dog will go into labor at around day 63, when her appetite decreases, she begins a nesting behavior and her temperature drops below 100 degrees. source


Dog Grooming Tables and Straps for the Do-It-Yourself Dog Groomer

This video covers some of the basic tables, supports, and straps used for dog grooming. www.diypetgrooms.com. source


Dog Care & Breed Information : Clothing for a Chihuahua

Clothing for a chihuahua not only makes a fashion statement, but it is also quite functional, as chihuahuas have very little body fat or fur to protect them from … source


Beef Stew – Dog Food

Recipe’s that are healthy and delicious for humans and their canine companions Great deals on treats for your pet click HERE: Subscribe to … source


How To Adopt A Puppy? | Bernese Of The Rockies


Are you looking to add a puppy to your life? In this video I discuss How To Adopt A Puppy from me and more specifically a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy in …


Border Collie Training : How to Train a Border Collie


This is a 2 part border collie training video. Get some tips on how to train a border collie. I recommend a great book at …


Tips for Picking a Dog From an Animal Shelter


This video will be played in the lobby of Salt Lake County Animal Shelters in hopes that it prepares new dog owners with the right mindset as they go about …


Kim Kelly’s Dog Training Advice



Home Pet Grooming Tips


Hi There, Ralf Here with more info on two of my favorite subjects, my four legged friends, and home pet grooming. Now as I have …


Keeping Your Dog Safe (The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook by Betsy Brevitz)


Veterinarian Betsy Brevitz warns pet owners that some common household foods and substances can endanger their canine companions, and names them all …


Puppy training tips: Socializing your puppy to toy dogs


Visit our website: Buy our new ebook: Become a fan on facebook: …


How to Clean Dog Ears – Veterinary Advice


Check out our blog at for more pet health advice. If you’ve every wondered how to clean your dogs ears, you’ve come to the …


How To Teach Your Dog To Catch A Frisbee – Tips and Tricks – In5D.com


In this video, I took my 12 week old German Shepherd and taught him how to catch a frisbee within a month. It could have been less than a month because I had …


PDSA vet advice on how to groom your pet cat


In this PDSA Petcast a PDSA vet explains the benefits of grooming your cat and demonstrates how to achieve a healthy and glossy coat. For more pet health …


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