Crate Training Tips for Dog Training

Avoid forcing a dog to go into a crate. If he needs to be confined while you are way before you can try any of these tips, most dogs better tolerate a wire exercise … source


Dog Health Treatment & Advice : When Will My Pregnant Dog Go Into Labor?

A pregnant dog will go into labor at around day 63, when her appetite decreases, she begins a nesting behavior and her temperature drops below 100 degrees. source


Dog Grooming Tables and Straps for the Do-It-Yourself Dog Groomer

This video covers some of the basic tables, supports, and straps used for dog grooming. www.diypetgrooms.com. source


Dog Care & Breed Information : Clothing for a Chihuahua

Clothing for a chihuahua not only makes a fashion statement, but it is also quite functional, as chihuahuas have very little body fat or fur to protect them from … source


Beef Stew – Dog Food

Recipe’s that are healthy and delicious for humans and their canine companions Great deals on treats for your pet click HERE: Subscribe to … source


My Finger Bitten Off By My German Shepherd – Dog Bite – Unbelievable


Animals and pets, we all love our pet or pets and think of them as our companion and friend, but when they bite or fight they are still animals and they can cause …


Puppy Early Health & Socialization #1


It is very important to socialize the puppies to human touch and check their basic health and growth. This begins with gentle handling while checking the health …


Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Lie Down


Training a dog to lie down involves treats and positive reinforcement, leading the dog into a down position with a treat or toy before using the words “lie down” as …


Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Use the Litter Box


Train a dog to use the litter box by supervising and encouraging the proper behavior. Train a dog to use the litter box with tips from an experienced dog trainer in …


The Nervous Dog – Laureen Osbourne (Gentle Grooming Techniques, Groom Expo 2009)


Laureen Osbourne discusses grooming a nervous dog at Groom Expo in Hershey, PA. – presented by BarkleighTV.com.


How to Clean Your Pet’s Eyes


Some dogs are more prone to eye problems than others. Toy breeds, for example, tend to have more debris in their eyes. This is most likely due to the fact that …


Yorkshire terrier puppy training tips


This is your chance to finally get real professional dog training, from the comfort of your own home, RIGHT NOW ! From Here:


Dog Training : How to Teach a Deaf Dog Basic Commands


To teach a deaf dog basic commands, use hand signals, vibrations, a small flashlight and treats to get the dog’s attention and for motivation. Show praise and …


PetSafe® Training Your Dog: PetSafe Containment System – www.petsafe.net


From – A step-by-step guide with tips and troubleshooting for training your dog to understand and respect your new PetSafe containment …


Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : The First Steps to Grooming Your Dog’s Feet


Learn the first steps of grooming your dog’s feet in this free video. Expert: Elise McMahon Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. in animal behavior and has been …


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