Crate Training Tips for Dog Training

Avoid forcing a dog to go into a crate. If he needs to be confined while you are way before you can try any of these tips, most dogs better tolerate a wire exercise … source


Dog Health Treatment & Advice : When Will My Pregnant Dog Go Into Labor?

A pregnant dog will go into labor at around day 63, when her appetite decreases, she begins a nesting behavior and her temperature drops below 100 degrees. source


Dog Grooming Tables and Straps for the Do-It-Yourself Dog Groomer

This video covers some of the basic tables, supports, and straps used for dog grooming. www.diypetgrooms.com. source


Dog Care & Breed Information : Clothing for a Chihuahua

Clothing for a chihuahua not only makes a fashion statement, but it is also quite functional, as chihuahuas have very little body fat or fur to protect them from … source


Beef Stew – Dog Food

Recipe’s that are healthy and delicious for humans and their canine companions Great deals on treats for your pet click HERE: Subscribe to … source


How To Choose A Healthy Hamster


There is nothing wrong in choosing a hamster with health problems but you must be willing to get it immediate vet treatment, be aware that you may have to …


How to Bottle Feed a Puppy and other care


Learn how to care for puppies in this quick and easy how to video. New Video every week Blog at www.mjhappytails.com Facebook …


Beef Stew – Dog Food


Recipe’s that are healthy and delicious for humans and their canine companions Great deals on treats for your pet click HERE: Subscribe to …


Dog Training Tips : How to Clean a Dog Crate


When cleaning a dog crate, use a germicidal detergent to protect against canine parvovirus and to give the next dog a nice environment to live in. Clean a dog …


How to Groom a Dog : How to Dry a Wet Dog


Learn tips and techniques on how to towel dry and blow dry your dog in this free video. Expert: Anne-Marie Forde Bio: Anne-Marie Forde and Jon Fless have …


How do you know if your dog has worms? 5 symptoms


How do you know if your dog has worms? You should look for 5 symptoms. CLICK Here for more info: …


Should puppies have a raw diet? A vets opinion.


Nick Thompson BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS – Veterinary advisor for Natures Menu pet foods shares his knowledge of puppies and the raw …


Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Treat Dog Ear Infections


Learn what to do if you think your dog has an ear infection, in this free emergency pet health care video. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan …


How To Train A Hyper Dog – Tips & Tricks


If you’ve got a hyper dog and having a hard time training them here are some training tips. Please keep in mind that some dogs are …


Grooming Your Schnauzer Part 2/Top of The Back Legs and Rear End


Disclaimer…I am not a professional groomer. I am just showing how I groom my boys. The cut is my personal preference and is not exactly the way a traditional …


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