Jack Russell puppy training update – Tricks & Commands


This video was put together when she was 9 months old, she has improved even more since these clips were filmed. Hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks for …


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14 Responses to “Jack Russell puppy training update – Tricks & Commands”

  1. kevs' life says:

    she's amazing, you are a very proud and comitted owner of an outstanding little Jack!

  2. Scruffy says:

    Mine does exactly the same when petting him lol. He rolls on his back and nibbles my hand. Lovely looking dog :)

  3. Great training, I'm a trainer with JR's, but dog off lead on the road, and dog loose in the front of the car are both illegal and dangerous. Otherwise, well done!

  4. maaaah how did u train her come on

  5. Wow you have guts to take your dog off the lead on the streets I could never do that. One mistake and the dogs dead.

  6. Lofbrao says:

    I just love Jack Russell dog breed, can someone please tell me if you have them in the flats and how do you manage them with 8h+ absence from home. Are they nervous, barking? I want 1 to live with me in the flat. I would take it for walks after work etc etc. But im afraid they will be barking all the time home… Any advices?? Please help a fellow dog lover.

  7. Does you're dog shed crazy. I have a jack Russell and it shed a lot

  8. Hey man your steering wheel is on the wrong side!.

  9. Tom Ripley says:

    I've owned a Jack Russell for six years. I love him to bits but he's still a nightmare. He's so possessive of me he won't let me make guests a cuppa, and after all these years he still goes bonkers when he sees another dog down the park. This is so far removed from my experience with a Jack. Mine seems hyper 24/7.

  10. excelente vídeo !!!!!!

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