How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!


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48 Responses to “How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally!”

  1. chrisgast says:

    I've been thinking of getting a dog, but I'm concerned on how much they cost.

  2. S NP says:

    What if my dog barks for hours on end whenever I leave him? he feels like he has to be with me all the time. I even had a neighbor he knows come over to walk my dogs and she said he was wary of her with me not there. I'm a stay at home mom so he's only away from me when I crate him for bed and if I run an errand (2 hours at most). He's a 4 month old lab/hound mix.

  3. Zak is awesome! And a genius.

  4. love your training, would like to receive your free book, thanks.

  5. I have my third Vizsla in my live. Everybody says I make it wrong, because I don't teach them, let him go were he want, allow every contact dogs horses kids, later even babies. I take him everywhere, he sleeps at the end of my bed. I never get angry. They are always peaceful, fearless, trustful and never bark without very good reason.

  6. How do you train a 5 year old rescue lab/ Shepard to not bark when I'm coming down the driveway and open a door. I know it's a protective instinct but i need him to not do this when I get home. I use the snap trick for in the house ( snap my fingers) and it works. But 6am barking when I get home, waking up my family, will not fly…

  7. i'd like a video on stopping at the door.

  8. My Westie is a high energy breed and she growls/barks all the time and wont stop. I feel like ive tried everything but im going to go ahead and implement this at home and see how she responds! Thank you 😁

  9. sreekesh ns says:

    staying at doorway

  10. blybicus b says:

    I just recently adopted a puppy (about 6-7 months, I believe a chihuahua/whippet mix) from a shelter and I've had her for about a month now. I feel like the more time I've spent with her, the worse she's gotten on walks–especially when encountering other dogs/people. She is very skittish and will bark quite a bit, even if her distractions are far away. I've been trying some of the methods you have here, especially with the positive reinforcement/petting her when I like what she's doing, but it seems like she does not enjoy being praised (at least by physical touch) after she's done the right thing. Just wondering if that was common or if maybe I just haven't spent enough time with her yet to understand her behavior well enough? Hoping to get some feedback from anyone if possible D:

  11. What about the Pet Tutor for barking while you're not home?

  12. Lil -Dukk says:

    It's hard to train my dog bc of his background: he was adopted but some one was allergic to him so he kept on going in and out of foster homes for 4 years till my family adopted im

  13. 20 bucks says this guy gets high 😅

  14. JSF Stephens says:

    This guy needs a sticker . . .

  15. AllieKate17 says:

    @Zak George I wonder if it would be possible to teach a dog not to dig? Or how not to escape from the back yard?

  16. abisheridee says:

    do you realise there are adverts for electric shock collars on this video ?

  17. It's hard to stop a Corgi from barking.

  18. I have a schnauzer just like Dante haha So glad to see a good example of what I have been dealing with to help teach me how to train! Thank you :)

  19. Do you have a video about jumping on people, dogs, kids, the world?

  20. We got a complaint at our new apartments today! My dog is used to being the king of his backyard. He's not used to being on a balcony and having so much traffic so close to him. I love this channel for dog training! I'm on the balcony now with him, putting the tips to use.

  21. puppy yuppy says:

    how much money do you make

  22. CK DK says:

    My dog knows how to play fetch but he doesn't wanna play by the rules

  23. I had someone come over last night and she was wild, I had to go out side because of her barking and jumping. Barley is a 8 month old mix pit dalmation

  24. please help…. it will help a LOT! So here we go…. today i got my 6 month old husky…. AND I AM SO HAPPY i know… but my parents put him in a big cage not permanent (just until he gets used to us) and when ever i get close to him he starts barking loud at me and i kinda get scared…… how do i make this stop? i think he is scared of me cuz he got separated from his family, and please reply thanks!.

  25. my dog was too smart for this and would do the negative action to get the treat

  26. Rexsi says:

    My dog is a Pomeranian/Chuhaha . Barks at night I feed him bacon sometimes but he doesn't want any of his food

  27. omehk says:

    Don't try this shit advice on working dogs. Too fluffy, doesn't work.

  28. My dog is barking every min every second it have been 3 days waaaaaa I'm so tried my back hurts cause he bites me when I was sitting on the floor to calm him

  29. what about early in the morning, like 4 am.. stupid video

  30. Ammiel7 says:

    My dog is good all day but at night she barks and disturbs the neighbours they are complaining now

  31. Simple…..A ROLLED UP NEWSPAPER!!!

  32. I'm sorry but I just cant get on with yanks, they go on .. & on.. & on.. & on.. yap yap yap.. 2min into it I turn it off !
    wish there was some action, and a hell of a lot less yacking !!

  33. Craig Henry says:

    What a great video!

  34. My dog barks every morning around 6am when people are going on their morning walk. She doesn't just woof, she starts at a high level of shrieking barks, NOT the way I need or care to be awakened. It freaks me out and jars my nervous system. Plus I live in a condo and really am concerned she not annoy my neighbors as well. It freaks everyone out when little Daisy goes from calm and happy to crazed shrieking barks. We all jump and alas, pretty much everyone starting with myself, responds with an angry "stop it" "be quiet" or my neighbor "what the hell Daisy?!" How is this taken care of? Anyone? I see this vid is 4 years old.

  35. My puppy japaness spitz puppy

  36. Jcap Gaming says:

    If I picked up my dog… I'd fall over because they're big and fat

  37. zamis21 says:

    Do sonic devices work?

  38. Teach your dog to stop barking at once by serving him with a firm whack across the mid section of his beak with the handle of a butter knife. If you are no where near a kitchen, a swift rap on the snout with the middle knuckle will silence him. He needs to know who's in charge and barking just won't do .. My friend Tom taught me these methods, he is blind and he trains dogs.. he always says don't be afraid of your dog, he is not the boss !

  39. The training is so effective, just applied it in my dogs and guess what it works in them

  40. ForbiddenYT says:

    my dog keeps on barking every night probably because we put him outside and no not like in the yard or something outside our room because my dog smells so thats why and so we have to put him on a leash because he keeps on doing something bad when his not on the leash and when i go outside and pet him a little he stops and be quite then if i go away then he starts barking again the dog isnt mine where just dog sitting since the owner is on vacation and it got attach to me already the dog doesnt like my brother it barks at my brother and it upsets my brother

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