How to Demat Your Dog the Easy and Painless Way


Technique for dematting your dog’s hair the painless way for both you and your dog. This technique avoids ripping out coat, or having to ‘cut out’ the mat.


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  1. Bill Calhoun says:

    Hi, wonderful, simple and easy to follow video. 
    I'm stationed in Singapore with my mini Schnauzer

    1.  What's the story on using cornstarch for dematting?
    2.  Slicker-brush-wise, should I get the ones with the little beads/ball at the end so it won't poke my Billy or get the one with the pinned tips (hurts if I hit my skin in just the right way)?  Someone told me to do away with the ball-tipped one and get the metal pin tipped ones.
    3.  Should one invest in one of those dematting brushes?


  2. Thanks so much for this clear and informative video! It's great to see how gentle you are with the dog.

  3. kychuchy says:

    This video was absolutely fantastic. I have never been able to brush out a mat until I watched this. Thanks!

  4. Really helpful thanks :)

  5. Deborah J says:

    That looks a whole lot like what we do.  The puppies get bad mats because we live in the country where there are also lots of burrs.  I also use a detangling spray.  The dogs don't seem to have a problem with it, and we all like scent. :)

  6. As you can see by by profile pic, I constantly have mats to deal with, so thank you! I love this painless way much better.

  7. mad0max0 says:

    Nice work. Just a thought, but it might have been good to start by showing the exact tools you recommend for this job, at the beginning of the video.

  8. Oh how I wish it was that easy with a cat!!!!

  9. Sure wish my Aussie pup would stay still when I brush him. He thinks its a game!

  10. linda nerney says:

    Thanks. Very helpful. Will try this on my shihtzus,

  11. It's Nitrous says:

    Extremely helpful thank you

  12. This would be good if your dog had a coat like this & wasn't matted at the skin. Not realistic. If you think you are going to get these results with a bristle brush, good luck.l You need a curved slicker with a strong gauge wire…but you need another video to show you how to get your dog to cooperate—-because your dog is not going to stand there like this dog unless you taught the dog to be still before it was matted, as a puppy.

  13. ManDroid says:

    You're fantastic. I'm gonna try this on my shih-tzu. However, don't you use any detangler sprays?Can I bathe my dog before this?? Thanks!

  14. good tip but heck, if my dog was that calm almost any method would work well..

  15. Ms Mccoy says:

    excellent the best method yet and easiest on the dog for sure Thanks your an angel !!

  16. Tyler's Taxi says:

    Would this work on a goat

  17. Esin Mete says:

    is it a dog in the vidoe

  18. john69john1 says:

    Does the dog have to stand? my 10 puppy Lucky is matted on his chest area

  19. Josh Rieders says:

    what brushes are these?

  20. I add oil before brushing!

  21. Noja8787 says:

    My dog gets super scared or aggressive when he sees the comb and wont let me touch him. I dont know what to do.

  22. Antimatter says:

    I glad I seen this thank you! I have a 8 month old shipoo she is fluffy , I brush her every or every other day , I took her to the groomer and she said she had to shave her because she had a Matt , now to me it seems like she took the easy way and made my puppy look like a poodle, I like the fluffy look now I have to wait for it to grow,

  23. I like that first brush you used. What brand is it? Is it a dogs brush or a regular human brush?

  24. thank you so much for that wonderful tip😊😊..but i wish my dog will calm like that 😂😂😂

  25. How about using some hair conditioner, just a thought will that help out release the mat?

  26. Siamese Cat says:

    Thank you so much! Had it all done very quickly. I didn't notice why he was scratching so much.

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