How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth The Natural Way


Thank you to all the Happy & Healthy Raw Fed Dogs who featured in this video! Please visit our website for help on how to start your dog on a raw food diet …


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10 Responses to “How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth The Natural Way”

  1. Nikki Brown says:

    @SongsOfLife1 Ha ha.. like it.. Not a biscuit baby, says it all really!!!
    The dogs need their voice to be heard and we thought this was a fun way to do it.. :0)

  2. yorkymom says:

    I totally agree! I do have to use some dogfood but my Neopolitan Mastiff is a big BIG raw meat eater and loves munching her bonie-bones!

  3. Tom Parker says:

    This is a really shit idea. A decent dry food should clean the teeth well enough!

  4. angelbe88 says:

    I've been giving my dog raw marrow bones since he was a pup and recently came across some info on raw meaty bones. I read that that's all they need to eat and maybe some organs. What do you think about that? If that is enough where do I find out how much to give him daily? He's 16lbs. Also wondering if I were to just feed him the raw meat and bones if the fleas would go away. He's on frontline and it doesn't seem to be working.

  5. Very nice video Saya has been raw fed since she was 8 months old and she is now two years old at 7month she got lamb ribs as treats and then switched when I was ready.

    Raw diet is great for her health. never dive in head first do research before trying..

  6. Nikki Brown says:

    @ProjectFirefox You need re-educating my friend! Dry Dog food causes mouth rot and gum disease! It sticks to their teeth and bacteria grows in there.. Wake up my friend!! You have been brain washed by the big pet food companies who just want to make money out of you!

  7. Dry food does absolutely nothing to clean the teeth, it works in exactly the opposite way. Kibble turns into a mashed paste and clings to the teeth. This paste than sticks to the teeth causes tartar build up, tooth decay, bacterial overgrowth, bad breath, gum disease and rot.

  8. clos amp says:

    what kind of dog is the one at 0:39

  9. I fed iams and Natures recipe,Buffalo Blue dry and still had tarter build up on teeth.Once I switched to all raw meat and no more tarter.

  10. Nikki Brown says:

    NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG COOKED BONES!! VERY DANGEROUS… Instead watch this video to see WHY RAW MEATY BONES are SAFE and GREAT for dogs and their lovely teeth :)) 

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