How To Choose a Puppy: Tips on How to Pick a Puppy


– More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy!

How To Choose a Puppy: Tips on How to Pick a Puppy

Professional dog trainer Kathy Santo discusses important factors to consider when choosing a puppy. Think about your lifestyle, your dog’s size, time needed to groom and the training and exercise of your puppy to ensure you choose a dog that’s a right fit for your lifestyle and commitment level.

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48 Responses to “How To Choose a Puppy: Tips on How to Pick a Puppy”

  1. Which type of dog should I get? I have a brother who is 2yrs old and my brother and my mom have allergies so fur triggers them. We don't know if the fur triggers them or the dander triggers them but my brother is very energetic since he is a toddler, my mom also wants a small dog because she is afraid of big/medium ones. Me and my dad have no allergies and me want a medium sized dog that we can go on hikes and runs with during the day, but after a long day of exercise, they will curl up beside the fire place. We do prefer a dog that doesn't shed much. We were thinking either a Samoyed, Miniature brown poodle or a Malti-poo.. We are also willing to install air purifiers and vacuum everyday if our dog sheds a lot. I rlly want either an Aussie or a Golden retriever

  2. Kobe Troy says:

    I had a rough collie called ezio then some guy Hit her with a truck

  3. i would really like some information about italian greyhound :)

  4. Niqui Leal says:

    I will wanta Yorkshire terrier what you think?

  5. Niqui Leal says:

    CaseyCraft I am more of a unique person who does unique stuff. So what do you wrekin

  6. Ali Markaz says:

    What is your dog's name

  7. Stanley Chen says:

    talk about dockers also

  8. I'm getting a pit bull beacase they are gentle but I have to teach it to be

  9. McMacWaffle says:

    im getting a Maltese pup!!!

  10. I'm getting a black lab!

  11. Pastelexx says:

    Which dog should I get? We don't really want a dog that shed ALOT. I have a little sibling who is 7. We do not want a cattle dog, staffi, and there's a bit more. We don't really want a large dog but we don't mind Rottweilers or German shepherds. We don't mind small dogs but if it's necessary. We want a family dog.

  12. Brady Wood says:

    I want a pug puppy so bad

  13. is a corgi a good pet? I'm not very informed about them.Id appreciate if ud inform me in the comments thanks!! it's been my dream to have a corgi!

  14. camelia gil says:

    I'm getting a pug in TX. Have been in love with these animals since 2008, did mounds of research, and have finally comvinced my parents to let me get one. Ugh cant wait…

  15. I want a Belgian malanios puppy so bad.

  16. how many puppy's do u even have???

  17. eslgurucalif says:

    Would have been much easier to watch without the annoying vocal fry voice.

  18. please comment below a suggestion, small is the size we would like, gentle with kids, not aggressive, playful but not aggressive with other dogs, hypoallergenic maybe, if not then low shedding breed? any suggestions? ❤

  19. I want another bulldog

  20. Pets4fun 8 says:

    Cavapoo are my favourite

  21. BanaBanana says:

    Does anyone know where I can find corgis?country/city/place/shop
    Thx pls answer!❤️🐶

  22. Thx I chose a Doberman pup

  23. i want a pomeranian. 😭 MOM PLEASE.

  24. My family lifestyle:
    1. Very inactive
    2. Me and my mom goes to work & school but my dad will stay at home during day but might have meetings for work
    3. We live in a small apartment (but MIGHT live in a house in the future)

    Things I'm looking for in a dog:
    1. Easy to train (especially with housebreaking)
    2. Rarely sheds
    3. Low-average maintenance
    4. Small-medium in size
    5. Colors: white or brown
    6. Tolerates in hot weather
    7. Needs minimal exercise
    8. Generally healthy
    9. Sturdy structure
    10. Not that really yappy and snappy

  25. JoLTiX says:

    Im getting a cocker spaniel just to say

  26. Frustrааtеd pеt owners! If you want tо hаvе а hеаlthiеr, hаррier dоg, if you want tо obеdienсe trаin уоur dоg nоw, and stор him frоm rеliеving himself оn уour саrреt, сhewing uр your designеr shоеs, niррing аt уоur guests аnd а wholе lоt mоrе… Sеe hоw tо trаing уоur dog in а right wаy ==> Hоw Tо Chооse а Puррy Tiрs on Hоw to Pick а Puрру

  27. Winnie dogs are SO cute!

  28. i looked over all the steps and me and my family decided to get a beagle a boy beagle that is we can deal with the howling and barking and we love to walk around town so he should be able to get enough exercise :)

  29. hi everyone! hey, uhhmmm..anyone here who is well acquainted with doberman pinschers? we have one 3months old and i kinda wanna know the temperament of this breed.. i kinda find her cute but most of the time when i play with her she bites me hard as if im her meal.. very active dog.. glad we have her.. just wanted to know if anyone here that could help me out on the play biting part..☺

  30. I cant get a dog cos the neighbours dog barks all day they never give it any thing to do and its really energetic!

  31. Kk Super says:

    I might be getting one for Christmas or my birthday which is in January

  32. Matt Mc says:

    I'm getting a yellow lab

  33. this is great info because I got a dog in January,7,2017

  34. I'm getting a German,lab,collie I will definitely need this info

  35. A Kazm says:

    Im getting French dog.any thing I can do for it?i had a dog to come to my house to see if we should get it. It was very clam but, I don't know if my dog is going to be clam. Ps great info I will see what I can do. Thanks!!

  36. B*R*Y*A*N says:

    I want a Pomeranian so bad!

  37. hey! I want to say that , I want a German shepherd dog puppy but I don't know how to convince my parents please please please please please please

    can you help me please??

  38. I had the greatest surprise puppy so Saturday January I had asked if i could get a lhasa apso so on my b – day may the 9th i came home from my grandmas and my mom said come lola your dad is sick so i went to his room and in the doorway standing there was a little lhasa apso he had a tag it said doko and i said how did you know i wanted to name it doko my mom said your sister told us she was the cutest thing her color is black with some white she had blue eyes

  39. Ana lopez says:

    im getting a labrador ❤

  40. Sad Reality says:


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