How I stopped puppy food aggression Border Collie



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  1. Leanne M says:

    What did you do to get her to go back?

  2. thank god for caesar 

  3. Think you got Cesars lesson with flying colors.

  4. Your dog looks rather thin to me – could this be why she tried to bite your leg??

  5. tieetop says:

    You probably do not have to say "back."   Just move in, if needed point your toe at her to insure she moves away.  Sometimes the less I talk to my dog (verbally) the more she listens (to body language).

  6. tieetop says:

    To Leanne Collins, you just calmly walk into the dog with the attitude that you know he/she is going to back away.   (Like going to lift a horses hoof, you gotta just know it is gonna happen, and it does.)

  7. Keytesy A says:

    your dog had the right idea to bite your face, you understand nothing about the breed do you? and you feed "PORK" NEVER FEED A DOG PORK

  8. I LOVE THAT HE DOSE THIS!!!! I understand that the breed is always important ot look at and that to you people being hatersthink that ya of course she will bite if you go near her food but there is a diffrence to when you look at it from a human point of view and a dog point of view,…you think its mean to do this but actually to the dog no matter how many dogs or puppies you have they see ok he is astablishing his calm assertive domanence over me and the food when it comes to this part of the day, and the dog as you can see actual;y has no problem with it. Thats they way dogs work they live even with humans, in a pack oriented way of living. There is only one calm,assertive,domanent packleader who is never streesed, angry, frusterated, nothing when they put up a fight, and that that packleader will stay there till i become calm submissive, i have no issue with this im just use to doing what i do with other dogs and humans cuase thats just the way its always been. So the fact that he dose that is awsome cuase that puppy is pretty happy. Bcuase naturally ven domestic dog work like wild dogs in a way, they stll…and im going to say this…they still WANT to work for there food, this is all that imma lay out for you, have trust and respect from your dog, be a calm,assertive,domanent packleader no matter what, alway go excersize,disaplin, THEEEEN affection!, And never for the love of GOOOOOOOD!!!!! NEVER think of the dog as a human cuase it is FAAAAAAAR FROM IT!!!! Oh and even when a dogs tail is waging dosnt mean its happy or not domanent, tail up it domanencetial in the middle is calm submissive, and low is good to but try to make it go in the middle if you can, and when you meet a new dog or even go to see your own dog no touch,no talk, no eye contact, cuase whn you automatically want to touch and look straight at the dog it looks at it as agression and gets confused cuase acting like a normal human your not trying to come off agressive but inthe dog world thats what happens, a friendly dog never stairs down another dog, it uses nose,eyes,ears, any other way usually means you have no conrtol over your dog and that its most likely and is domanent and aslo might be agressive, and when you think two dogs are playing when bothe dogs are trying to put the front paws on eachothers back with tail and ears up making intence eye contact, that isnt playing any dog withe tail and ears up only using eyes and ears to meat another dog it not friendly its a im domanent over you except it or we astablish it now! And when a dog is astablishing domanence over another dog  it uses its mouth to grab the neck mostly or even other areas of the body to bring it down to the ground and make it lay on its side to make it submit to it. Normal actual friendly dog play is tails are down, fron paws and body are right on the ground, and the prance and run around…not the other way around.

  9. zantigar says:

    EXCELLENT training! Most of the other videos are just a bunch of mumbo jumbo which offer no real explanations, but this clearly demonstrates the need for clear authoritative attitude over the potentially aggressive dog. Well done!

  10. The theory sounds a little harsh, but its for the best.

  11. LPG 1 says:

    same thing we did with our border collie. Great training. "its your food and you are allowing the dog to claim your food". Also pick up bones, toys etc.. while they are eating. BC are smart and they will get it quickly!

  12. The theory is bullshit your training has nothing to do with food aggression. it teaches the dog to wait, yes, but it wont cure food aggression. taking food away from food aggressive dogs will reinforce the behavior because the dogs learns that you are really a threat and that he cant eat in peace… your dog is just a puppy it doesnt care if you take food away and thats a good thing. but it wont help with a food aggressive dog. for these cases you need to gain the trust of the dog. the dog needs to learn that its a good thing that you are around his bowl (eg because you are refilling it or giving even better food).

  13. Buddy Revell says:

    Don't listen to AnimalEmancipation. This twit didn't even listen to what was said in the video.
    You don't "gain the trust" of a food aggressive dog. The food belongs to the pack leader and the dog must submit.
    This feel-good nonsense type of "reason with dog" advice, is utter nonsense that leads countless dogs to abandonment or euthanasia. Solving animal behavior problems requires rational thought and assertive training, not feelings, time-outs or scrapbooking sessions.

  14. This is not a food aggressive dog and if you f** around with my dinner the way you are messing around with this dog., I'd bite you too. A pack leader is fair and does not keep going back to the lower rank members to keep reclaiming fiood.

  15. i only take if she growls or snaps.. other than that she gets a treat if not aggressive

  16. Dan Homes says:

    I assume you don't know any better, so don't take it personal or feel offended. But this approach is wrong.

    First of all I didn't see any resource guarding at all, you could simply ask the dog to move away (even without you stepping in) and it would do so, I totally believe that.

    Second: this whole "theory" (which is the "dominance theory") is just one big lie. People who still teach this use 40 year old knowledge that has been proven to be wrong hundreds of times in scientific studies. Yes that holds for Cesar as well. Yes it does "work", but not in the way you think it works. The only and only reason this "theory" works is based on creating conflicts (e.g. intimidation) and hoping the outcome favors you. And if it doesn't that you have to scale up the way you approach the conflict. In other words: things keep escalating.

    Third: if you know how dogs learn (learning theory, this is actual science), by the way we humans learn in exact the same way, you do not need the approach you are choosing. If this would truly be a dog which resource guards food, you can easily approach this with safe and scientific proven methods (like classical conditioning) to change the underlying emotion from you coming close to the food from 'fear' to 'happy'. Then you would not only cure the food aggression towards you, but for everyone in your household.

    Fourth: all most all aggressive behavior is fear based. If you correct the behavior (which is fundamental in the "dominance theory") you do not change the underlying motive, which is FEAR. What you are actually doing is creating even more fear which might escalate to aggression if the dog sees no other option or with someone of which the dogs estimates it might win the conflict.

    Asking your dog to sit is just a trick, it has absolutely nothing to do with curing food aggression. It would mean the same as I took your 1000 dollars from the table, you would try to defend it because it is a lot of money and then I ask you to sit on the chair. Because I am a big man you are doing it, but it doesn't make you feel any better. You still want your 1000 dollars back and on top of that, you get scared of me everytime you see me (with or without your money lying on the table).

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