GROOMING: Teeth How we Brush Our Dogs Teeth~ Maltese Dog Groom at HOME Piano Cover RESET 말티즈미용


Maltese Teeth Brushing ~ how to brush your dogs teeth at home. Blog on our webpage at …


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33 Responses to “GROOMING: Teeth How we Brush Our Dogs Teeth~ Maltese Dog Groom at HOME Piano Cover RESET 말티즈미용”

  1. the gauze is a very clever solution! thanks!

  2. Mark S says:

    if I tried that with my Maltese, he would bite a hole right in my finger.. his attitude is most disappointing.. how I wish he was like yours!!!!

  3. Lovewater says:

    This video was very informational! Could you please do a video on how you train your dogs?

  4. Maida Kelly says:

    When I try to brush my dog Maltese named splash she tries to bite me so I can't brush her anymore but lucky for us. My family found a product called dental sticks so my dog will chew them and the dental sticks will melt while she is chewing it

  5. Doll Red says:

    They were so good.

  6. Adoana says:

    Please could you make a Video about how you clean their ears?

  7. Kim Marquis says:

    Its soooo hard for me to get my Maltese to let me brush her teeth!  I bought the same toothpaste u use thinking she would like it better and I bought the dual end toothbrush.  We have 2 small dogs and 1 Husky.  Yours are so good that I have trouble not being jealous!!!  Yall have done a fabulous job!!!!!

  8. I buy a pack of Wisps disposable toothbrushes & pop out the little gel bead. They are smaller than CET brush & fit in tiny dogs mouths perfectly. I wouldnt use anything else.

  9. I have a question I am knew to your channel and I love it do you have 4 or 5 dogs

  10. Maggie Ren says:

    They're so good , my Maltese puppy she won't let me clean her teeth . She will moved her head all the time 😭😭

  11. Lara Darić says:

    can you put video how to train your dogs to be good like yours.Thank you for this video

  12. xxasantos xx says:

    omg i love this song. this ost from school 2015 was really good. i highly recommend it

  13. Kawaii Next says:

    Thank you so much for all these videos on how you groom, trim, and brush their teeth :) This is helping me a lot since I am getting a dog soon, so I need to stack up on lots of information! I was wondering if you could do a bathing video on Dolcè! I have no idea how to bath a puppy, so this would be much appreciated and would really help!

  14. jazzmye Rias says:

    Trying to focus on the video but reset by Tiger Jk is throwing me off lol love this song and whoop are you School2015!

  15. Hi there Maltese Obsession you have the best videos to teach us how to take care of our Malteses. Love your pretty voice too! Your the best when it comes to the Maltese breeds

  16. I know this is a silly question but after brushing their teeth you just leave the toothpaste in their mouth right?I'm getting a Maltese soon and I'm loading up on info :))

  17. omg I can't wait to get a Maltese I wanted one for years.

  18. i notice that your maltese dogs are not very figety when it comes to grooming and care did you have to train them to be calm like that or were they naturally calm when you ever care/groom for them?

  19. E S says:

    just a tip for people with smaller dogs a finger brush works really well.

  20. Mirza Khan says:

    how do you deal with their heat cycle?

  21. Bears/66 says:

    Is it better to use the link to buy the toothpaste or just search it on amazon ?

  22. HOW COULD SOMEONE DISLIKED!?! ther are too cute

  23. thank you very imformative

  24. Paris Jones says:

    this is so informative. I'm expecting a Maltese on my birthday

  25. Mishti Kundu says:

    Oki, don't we need to wash off their teeth? Also, is the baby toothbrush better than the dog ones and use the gel after brushing? 😀

  26. mochi biased says:

    love the song 😍 I was just rewatching School 2015

  27. Anonymous says:

    I'm interested in getting a maltese but there are confusing information online about wether or not they're good for people who work during the day.

  28. what type of gauze as the ones I've tried are soft ?

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