Emergency Dog Health Care : Clipping a Dog’s Broken Toenail


Dogs’ toenails will often break on their own. Learn what to do when your dog has a broken toenail, in this free pet health care video with tips from a veterinarian.


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6 Responses to “Emergency Dog Health Care : Clipping a Dog’s Broken Toenail”

  1. damaband41 says:

    lol "if your dog comes home"

  2. what if your dogs toe has blood on the broken nail or run alot and had its nail cut to low thats what happend to my dog :l

  3. My chihuahua has a toenail that is kinda broken its bleeding and it hurts him, its not dangling or even all the way off we put flour on it. It kinda stopped the bleeding, but do we have to take him to the vet?

  4. G Dedeye says:

    My dog broke his nail yesterday. I saw it this morn n saw it broke clear through the nerve or quick and was hangin on by the last piece of nail so we snipped it, some ointment n flour then gauze and adhesive wrap. Looks good so far n he looks like there no pain for him while walkin now. Thanks…

  5. Rem says:

    My Chihuahua cried a little, but he was able to walk on it immediately. thanks! 

  6. poop says:

    super glue. done

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