Dog Training Tips – Ever-changing Exercise


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  1. mikewfarris says:

    The wind noise was so loud could not hear all of it.

  2. I just got a 7month old Great Pyrenees puppy. He is great with other dogs and loves people and kids, but he always barks and chases our cat that we rescued. We love our cat just the same as we do to the dog but we want them to get along well. Any tips. WE NEED YOUR HELP.😁😁😁😁

  3. Majoofi says:

    Makes it more fun for people too.

  4. Your information would be amazing with better audio.

  5. Taking your dog to different places each day would be awesome to do, but its also not all that feasable for people who don't live in the city. I live in rural Australia, (not quite the 'outback' but close enough- 2 hrs to the nearest town) and its not really something we can do. There's no way i'm going to drive her in the car for 2 hrs (she gets car sick) for a 1-2 hr romp around the park then drive another 2 hrs to get home again… My girls (silky terrier and mini schnauzer pup) both get about 5-10km's of walking a day and i do try to mix it up with playing games at various parts or walking different routes, but the fact remains, there's either deadly snakes in the bush, 110F degree heat from 5am until 10pm at night (by then wild dogs are out) or no where else to take the dogs… They get what they get… some more ideas would be helpful though for people like us who want to do the best for their babies but just don't have access to things that city folks do have. Like dog parks or lakes, rivers etc… out here its just bush bush and more bush. People won't even get together or let dogs meet in the street. They'd rather cross the rd to get away from you…What else can we do to entertain their minds and bodies?

  6. Search says:

    I always try to change the routine and teach my 1 year old dog new things. Usually I confess we simply walk or run or chase balls or sticks when I'm not so fresh, but I try to change the route everyday. Luckily I live in a country place with lots of beaches, field spaces and forest paths to walk for hours and we can choose a different one everyday. There are also two small dogs parks where to go for social dog fun. And I try to teach her parkour-agility and tricks.

  7. DreamRaiderr says:

    my new puppy and I are doing great with training. she is so smart I can hardly believe it..I havent walked her yet though. our area is heavily salted right now because of winter and I am worried about her feet.. I tried boots but I can't seam to find any that fit her.. I do bring her many places and run around with her in the yard. but do you think it is more important to start walking her right away, or can i wait a few months till the salting is done and her baby feet are safe?

  8. Hi,
    my name is Katie and I have a bichon frise cross with a shih tzu and we train tricks and htm but I have a question:
    I go to school at 20 past 9,
    I am away for 7 hours and normally the sun is setting when I get home. She gets a little walk and then does some training. But is she getting enough exercise? We are starting agility in a few months every Saturday, and there will be competitions nearly every Sunday.
    Thank you.

  9. R.B. says:

    Could you are teach us how to get frizbee fetch going with a dog that loves to be chased and run away?

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