Dog Grooming – Ways to Groom a Papillon’s Coat



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11 Responses to “Dog Grooming – Ways to Groom a Papillon’s Coat”

  1. kirt rife says:

    @JuSt12JiNdAwG yea they do shed at times…

  2. yes they are they need daily brushing :) I use to breed/show them now I am doing english bulldogs

  3. ronjaice says:

    What a nice lady, totaly loved the way she was talking to the dog and being so nice. <3

  4. ronjaice says:

    Yes, we got two paps and the shed twize a year. Just some extra brushing :)

  5. Paps do shed a lot and I have to get my little man in a headlock to brush him, he hates it.

  6. This dog is little Angel !!

  7. mamasuzie says:

    i am always easy when brushing my paps ears. She still does't like it sometimes. You have a cute one there. does she liked being groomed?

  8. Gloria Kohli says:

    this seems very old,but it was still helpful! 

  9. thanks for the video. i big pappillon is kinda knotty right and these are some good tips. Papillons always look like lil angels to me with there big ears

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