Basic Puppy Care : Treating Puppy Worms


Puppies can pick up worms, such as roundworms, hookworms and heart worms, in a variety of places. Learn how to identify and treat worms in puppies with tips …


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  1. Sahbisun says:

    I just found out my puppy has roundworms…can they pass this to humans?

  2. D R says:

    @Sahbisun yes, many parasites from dogs can pass to humans. the main way this happens is from dog poop.

  3. Shandy Janae says:

    Usually that's what that means.

  4. vidgirl4444 says:

    I just found out my puppy has worms. they gave me meds. How long does it take so they will be dewormed? what can i do to help my puppy. I also the vet said that maybe my chihuahua has worms now and she need to be checked :(

  5. my pup pooped out a huge amount. I screamed too. We all did. My kid saw it happening, called my husband, he pulled out what was still hanging and yelled for me. He bagged em up to take to vet. It was Satuday night so we called ER Vet and they said come in, it'll be 100 bucks for visit. I'm sure we were looking at a 200 dollar night with meds and treatment Thank God for the internet. I just looked it up. Found out you can go to petsmart and get 8 in 1 dewormer for 20 bucks. 3 day treatment

  6. My puppy is a collie x jack russell and is 13 weeks. She pooped and there was a long worm that looked like white pasta. This is round worm. We talked to the vet and are getting her treated today. Round worms can be fatal also can be passed to humans. In children, if roundworms migrate to the eye this can cause blindness and only 17 percent of people sucsesfully can get this treated. Roundworm is the most common worm in puppies and dogs and once scene you have to treat ASAP. All of this can be prevented by just 1 worming tablet once a month. If you have any further questions feel free to ask me πŸ˜‰

  7. starr4497 says:

    My puppy was about to poop and I was going to take him outside and about 4 roundworms came out in his poop :( and them we gave him meds and an hr ago he pooped and all that came out were worms, no poop

  8. Roy Rogers says:

    Lack of energy, white gums, constant whimpering, not wanting to eat or drink water were the signs my pitbull pups were showing. Out of a litter of eight..three died. Our veterinarian did give our 3-4 week old pups medication that removed the round worm but it would only be temporary and they would need to follow up on a stronger dose when the got a little bigger. It is very hard to keep them hydrated so I would recommend taking them as soon as possible. It is not good to see pups suffering then turn freezing cold and die. :(

  9. I'm scared because my puppy has worms and he is a beautiful puppy he is only 2 months old and he is a poodle mix with a shi tzu and his sis is too but she doesn't have worms but does milk make the worms because he drinks my cats milk and im scared he will die :'(

  10. krazys ride says:

    my new born kitten has worms HELP HER PLEASE😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

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